Short Films


The prelude to my feature film THE LOST CHILDREN.  High priced call-girl Evelyn Hamilton has her first encounter with the Hierarchy of The Lost Children cult, and finds herself drawn in by Chance Sturges’ strange allure.

Shot by UrbanMouse, starring Leah Rudick, DJ Hazard, scored by Jay Lifton.


Relative Perception (through) Dopamine Manipulation. Carrie takes advantage of a drug that slows down time in your mind, to exact revenge on the man who killed her lover. 2nd place in DVXUser’s Timefest online film festival.

This was made some time before DREDD, so I didn’t copy them. :) Shot and sound designed by Joe Johnson. Starring Linnea D. Mohn, Sam Landman.

Bloody Mary

Young Mary is terrorized by what may be the ghost of her murdered mother. 2nd place in DVXUser’s Horrorfest online film festival. Finalist in the Sci-Fi / Sundance Channel’s Exposure online film competition. The short played on Sci-Fi Channel. Shot by Timur Civan, starring Leah Rudick and Godfrey L. Simmons Jr. Scored by Herman Witkam.